Welcome to Cisco Equipment, where we're dedicated to transforming heavy equipment management through advanced telematics and GPS technology. Partnering closely with leading manufacturers, we offer comprehensive solutions that revolutionize the way you monitor and optimize your fleet.

Our integrated telematics systems, powered by GPS technology, provide real-time insights into equipment performance, usage, and location. Working hand in hand with our manufacturing partners, we ensure seamless integration and access to diagnostic data, empowering you to diagnose and address issues directly in the field.

From remote monitoring of critical parameters to proactive maintenance scheduling, our solutions streamline operations and minimize downtime. With geofencing capabilities and safety monitoring features, we help protect your assets and promote a safer work environment.

Through robust data analytics and reporting tools, we deliver actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and enhance overall productivity. At Cisco Equipment, we're not just providing technology—we're your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and maximizing the potential of your heavy equipment fleet.