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Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico

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National Project-Based Experience

Cisco Equipment offers a complete fleet solution by building and deploying scalable, focused, and nomadic equipment fleets composed of owned and re-rented equipment which can travel to project locations across North America.

This equipment is supported by Cisco service and management personnel to ensure seamless integration with the client and minimal project delays due to equipment.

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Remote Locations Frontier Enviornments

From Sakhalin Island to Kazakhstan to Southern Turkey & Northern Iraq, Cisco International provided full service, turnkey equipment packages to clients in the most remote locations.

Cisco International understands the challenges involved in safety, logistics, maintenance, and regulations in the most remote locations in the world.

Turnkey Equipment Packages

Full Service, turn-key equipment packages to clients in remote / frontier environments. Cisco provides the complete equipment package.

  • Providing Equipment
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Operating the Equipment
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Management

Single point of contact from invoicing to reporting.

Project Cycle

Extensive experience in all parts of the project cycle. Cisco International places onsite managers during the planning, mobilization, construction, and demobilization phases to ensure seamless delivery of services including but not limited to equipment sourcing, procurement, logistics, management, reporting, parts supply, and parts management.


Sakhalin Island

SakhalinIsland thumbIn 2008 Cisco International formed a 50-50 joint venture with SFERA to provide rental equipment and maintenance personnel to Fluor & Exxon for the Odoptu Project that have been sole-sourced since 2010.

Cisco International & Cisco Sakhalin have provided much of the equipment and parts used on the Odoptu project since being awarded the contract for services.

Cisco International & Cisco Sakhalin provided all the equipment maintenance on the Odoptu project.

In early 2010 Cisco Sakhalin was awarded the contract to provide rental equipment, sales equipment, spare parts sales, spare parts management, maintenance, operators, & crane rigging personnel for the COE project at Chayvo, Sakhalin Island, Russia.


Papau New Guinea

PapaNewGuinea thumbCisco Equipment International PNG operations were invited to provide the construction and equipment hire arm of HGDC. The focus of the Company was primarily road work, equipment hire, equipment maintenance, & quarrying activities. Cisco Equipment International maintained a large staff of both expat and local personnel as well as a large fleet of heavy equipment, heavy vehicles, & light vehicles.

Cisco Equipment International work consisted primarily of road work and special projects to include:

  • 30 KM of Road from Halimbu Junction to HGCP site, 10 KM of road from Komo/Hides Junction to Tamalia River Bridge,
  • East/West Access Roads at HGCP site, Hides markets, para camp, Nipa transport, and multiple bridge repairs.
  • Operates a full-service equipment/ light vehicle maintenance shop at Para Camp.
  • Maintenance on all equipment for CBI-Cloguh JV on HGCP Site.
  • Sourced large fleet of equipment and most types of equipment and vehicles.
  • Quarry operation along the Tagari River in the Hides area to support both the demands on the LNG
  • Project and other external sources.


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