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Rubber Track Carriers

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Durable Rubber Tracks & Easy Control with HST Drive System

The unique rubber tracks of Morooka Track Carriers are the result of over 50 years of joint development between Bridgestone and Morooka.

Rubber tracks give you the best of all worlds: combining traction, high performance maneuverability with maximum load capacity.
The hydrostatic transmission (HST) allows for economical use of the engine’s full power, as well as eliminating the need for clutch and gear controls, making the Morooka Track Carrier highly maneuverable.

Morooka Track Carriers are used in a wide range of applications and are particularly suited to environmentally sensitive areas.

Morooka Track Carriers are customized for a variety of industries. Our carriers can be outfitted with Dump Beds, Digger Derricks, Field Service Equipment, Trimmers, Buckets, Cranes, Welding Equipment, Flat Beds, Drilling Equipment and more.


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