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Link-Belt Excavators 210 X4

Link-Belt Excavators 210 X4 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico

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Link-Belt Excavators 210 X4 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico



• Dig, lift, swing and dump quicker than ever, thanks to the Ulti-Flow™ hydraulic system, featuring electronically-controlled pumps, a new solenoid valve and a new control valve with a 30% larger hydraulic passage area
• Three power modes (Speed Priority, Heavy and Applied Power) let you choose the best blend of power, precision and fuel savings for the work you’re doing
• EPA Final Tier 4 engine is fuel efficient without sacrificing power
• No DPF to ever worry about!
• 2.5% DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) consumption rate, combined with one of the largest DEF tank capacities lets you work long hours between refills
• Ground level access to routine service points lets you cut daily maintenance down to just minutes
• Quiet, pressurized cab offers excellent visibility and comfortable, best-in-class seating
• Enough floor space to accommodate the largest of work boots, with cup holders and roomy storage compartments for cell phones, snacks and other personal items
• Dual cab working lights are standard, or choose optional LEDs for added visibility
• Ergonomic joysticks fit your hand perfectly
• 7” high-definition LED monitor keeps you connected to your machine and work environment
• RemoteCARE® telematics keeps a watchful eye on performance, maintenance intervals and theft deterrence
• Full-time, rear-view camera display is standard; add the WAVES™ option for a seamless 270° view around the machine
• Structural improvements to the boom and arm reduce stress and provide greater durability
• Robust undercarriage features larger track rollers and thicker plating for longer life
• Unique side-frame design reduces dirt accumulation and is easier to clean
*All improvements and percentage increases are in reference to Link-Belt X3 Series excavators, unless otherwise stated


Operating Weight 48,900 lbs
Engine Make Isuzu
Engine Model AR-4HK1X
Net HP 160 hp
Max Dig Depth 21' 10" ft/in
Reach at Ground Level 31' 11" ft/in
Arm Force 25,100 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 34,600 lbf
Bucket Capacity, SAE Heaped .61 - 1.75 yd3
Max Travel Speed 3.5 mph


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