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JCB 417 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico

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JCB 417 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico




  • JCB EcoMAX T4F engine with variable geometry turbo
  • Latest Command Plus cab design for ultimate operator comfort
  • Heavy duty construction to cope with the toughest jobs
  • Innovative hydraulics provide efficient and high performance operation
  • 4-speed switchable manual/automatic transmission
  • DPF-free engine design saves time and money


The Tier 4 EcoMax engine in the JCB 417 wheel loader uses less fuel than previous models to save you money. What’s more, it doesn't use exhaust after-treatment, meaning there’s no need for costly heat-resistant lube oils.

EcoMax produces high levels of power and torque at low engine speeds for fuel efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics. The engine can also run on lower-grade fuels, allowing you to resell your machine in different territories for improved residuals.

High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during road travel and rehandling, which boosts fuel efficiency on your wheel loader.

The variable displacement pump on the 417 feeds a load-sensing valve block which only consumes power on demand, providing precise, efficient loader control.

The JCB 417 wheel loader’s viscous coupled engine fan automatically adjusts its speed depending on ambient temperature, optimizing cooling, saving fuel and lowering noise.

Our regenerative dump circuit improves cycle times on this wheel loader; it also improves economy by reducing hydraulic power consumption. Not only that but the adjustable proportional auxiliary flow rate makes using specialty attachments easy.


Access steps are inclined and equally spaced, complemented by well positioned grab handles for three points of contact at all times.

The 417 wheel loader offers uncompromised visibility; our EcoMAX engine doesn't require bulky exhaust after-treatment, so it's extremely compact, housed beneath a sloping rear hood with the exhaust silencer and air intake filter both out of sight.

The cab on this wheel loader is isolator-mounted, compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards, and positively pressurized against dust. You can choose from fresh air, carbon and P3 – HEPA recirculation filters as well.

The JCB 417 wheel loader has interior mirrors, heated exterior mirrors and hood mirrors for superb all-around visibility. Our optional rear camera displays an unobstructed rearwards view on an in-cab color monitor.

An in-cab electronic two-stage quickhitch isolation protects against uncontrolled release of attachments.

Regardless of which wheels and tires you use on your wheel loader, both the front and rear of your machine will be protected by full bumpers that are integrated into the strong chassis.


Quick, easy access to the engine bay and cooling pack are ensured with the 417 wheel loader's large single piece hood. Ground level daily checks and grease point access makes life even easier and safer.

Because EcoMax uses innovative JCB Clean Burn Technology, it's Tier 4 compliant without needing after-treatments like DPF or SCR. In turn, that means there’s no need for additional DEF fluid level maintenance, reducing servicing and run costs.

The wide-core single faced cooling pack delivers maximum performance and lets small materials pass through for less cleaning. A cyclonic air cleaner and air intake scavenge system reduce debris build up in the air filter, extending service intervals further.

The electronic monitoring system relays machine condition in real time alerts, safeguarding both the JCB 417 wheel loader and its operator.

With the optional auto lubrication kit, your wheel loader will take care of its own greasing requirements.

Full hydraulic dual circuit braking with multiple oil-immersed discs give the 417 wheel loader’s braking system a virtually maintenance-free lifespan.


Maximum Engine Power: 125 hp (

93 kW)

Operating Weight: 21,189 lb (9,602 kg)
Standard Bucket Capacity: 2.0yd



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