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Hyundai’s 9A compact excavator series, also called mini excavators, combine power, efficiency, and reliability with the ability to work productively in confined spaces. Models range in operating weight as low as 3,747 lb. on up to 20,290 Ib. All machines feature a boom swing function that can swing 75 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right for efficient work in congested areas. Select models offer zero-tail swing to allow for even more flexibility in tight spaces. Standard features such as large dozer blades, quick-couplers for attachments, and auxiliary hydraulic piping let you take on a variety of jobs with precision and control.


Hyundai’s HX series of medium to large crawler excavators offer power and versatile construction equipment performance with fuel efficient fast cycle speeds, impressive hydraulic power, and precision control. Whether you need an excavator for construction, digging trenches, holes or foundations, road work, handling materials, laying pipe, moving earth, demolition, or dredging, we have excavation equipment that is built tough and ready to take on any challenge.


Hyundai’s wheeled excavator series includes three HW series models and one 9A series compact model to give you an edge in a wide range of on-road and off-road applications. Wheeled excavators are a versatile machine for general excavating as well as road and bridge construction. The advantage to using a wheeled excavator is access to urban environments, paved roadways, parking lots, and ease of transportation. Hyundai wheeled excavators can travel anywhere from 17 to 24 miles per hour and can cross paved surfaces between job sites easily.


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