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Genie Aerial Lifts & Material Handling SLC™-12

Genie Aerial Lifts & Material Handling SLC™-12 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico

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Genie Aerial Lifts & Material Handling SLC™-12 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico



Extreme Durability
Designed specifically for the construction industry, these heavy-duty units are extremely durable yet also lightweight and portable. Ideal for construction firms and all types of contractors, the Genie® Superlift Contractor® lift is well suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations. This unit can be easily operated by one person and can lift, lower and move loads up to 650 lb (295 kg) to heights of up to 24 ft (7.32 m).

Easy Transport and Setup
Glide rails allow one person to easily load or unload the unit and lift it in or out of a pickup truck. Rear transport wheel assembly also facilitates maneuvering on uneven surfaces. Quick setup requires no tools.

Stowed Position
The heavy duty patented telescoping mast system stows in a compact position. Legs fold up and attachments are removable for easy storage.

Five Interchangeable Accessories
A variety of load handling accessories make this unit extremely versatile.

  • STANDARD FORKS: accommodate various loads for versatile lifting. Get an additional 21 in (53 cm) of lift by turning over and re-pinning the forks.
  • ADJUSTABLE FORKS: Widen from 11 to 30 in (28 to 76 cm) to accommodate diverse loads.
  • BOOM OPTION transforms your lift into a mobile, vertical crane or hoist to position tooling fixtures, circuit breakers, engines and more.
  • LOAD PLATFORM fits over the forks to handle odd-sized or heavy objects — no tools required for installation.
  • FORK EXTENSIONS insert onto standard forks for an additional 25 in (64 cm) of length.


Support for Heavy Loads
The captive stabilizer with patented “locking system” provides additional lateral support for heavy loads (standard on Genie SLC™-18 and SLC-24).


Max Lift Height 12 ft 11 in (3.94 m)
Capacity 650 lb (295 kg)
Stowed Height 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m)
Machine Weight 225 lb


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