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Material Handling

With outstanding design and performance, Genie® GTH™ telehandlers provide all-around utility to answer virtually all your work site needs. Available in six power-packed models, Genie telehandlers offer exactly what you need for productivity in limited-access areas or applications where high reach is needed. With a wide range of available attachments, Genie telehandlers can easily handle even the most demanding jobs.

Since the introduction of the original Genie® Hoist in 1966, Genie lightweight, low-cost material lifts — including the Genie Super Hoist™, Load Lifter™, Genie Lift™, Superlift Contractor®, Superlift Advantage® and Super Tower™ models — are designed to enhance worksite productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Plus, a wide variety of options and accessories make them extremely adaptable to fit specific worksite needs. 

Working in the dark has become an experience that most construction workers will participate in during their careers. Heavy traffic makes it difficult for workers to be fully productive during the day, while visibility makes it difficult to be productive at night — so, what do you do?

With proper illumination of the worksite, your workers can be more productive during night hours with lower traffic coming through the work zone. Terex has developed light towers to fit virtually any lighting need. The Terex® AL™ and RL™ light towers can keep your work zone illuminated properly and help increase productivity during the night shift.


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