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Clark Material Handling WPX45

Clark Material Handling WPX45 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico

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Clark Material Handling WPX45 for sale at Cisco Equipment, Texas and New Mexico



Drive Unit
Optimized gear technology - State of the art optimized gear technology supplies advantages such as low noise level, high efficiency and high performance
Drive motor mount - Vertical drive motor is directly mounted to the gear housing increasing component life
Drive train - Oil bathed hypoid bevel gear drive train with tapered roller bearings transfers power to the axle

Solid steel tubing - Solid steel tubing arm and handle designed to outlast cast aluminum or plastic designs
Operator Control - Handle offers travel, lift and lower functions all accessible without the operator having to lift a hand from the handle
Angle grips - Designed to allow easy operation with either hand
Wrap around steel guard - Reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard
Minimum steering effort - Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort
Gas assisted spring handle - Gently returns handle to vertical position
Crawl speed function - With the steer handle at 5° back-tilt from vertical position operator has ease of use in tight areas

Electromagnetic Brake
Mounted on the motor armature shaft multiplying the braking power through the transmission

Top-Mounted Brake
Design keeps brake away from dirt and debris.
Parking brake is automatically applied when truck stops and handle is released
System features anti-roll back and neutral braking

AC Motor/Control
24-Volt AC Inverter - Travel control with matching drive motor provides high performance throughout the entire speed range
Travel Speed - Remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of load-neutral braking offers predictable performance
Additional Features - Separately fused power control circuits, quick disconnect EPD power cut off, hour meter/battery discharge indicator combination gauge and lift lock out complete the system


Manufacturer's Designation WPX 45
Load Capacity / Rated Load @ 24" LC lbs(kg) 4500 (2040)
Chassis Height, Lowered in(mm) 34.5 (876)
Width in(mm) 28.0 (711)
Right Angle Stack (48"L x 40"W, Add 6"-8" for Clearance) in(mm) 68.0 (1727)
Travel speed loaded / unloaded mph(kph) 3.5 (5.6) / 3.6 (5.8)
Power Unit 24 Volt


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