Forestry Mulching Heads

Sleek design, sturdy build, and unparalleled efficiency.

The newest addition to INDECO’s lineup, the IMH series, presents hydraulically-powered, boom-mounted mulching heads, versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks—from clearing lands and preparing sites to managing invasive plants, tackling storm aftermaths, and conducting cleanups. Designed to complement carriers from 3.5 to 45 tons, the IMH series offers eight top-tier models in both direct-drive and belt-driven configurations. With the integration of HARDOX® components and design, these mulching heads promise enduring resilience and consistent reliability.


  • Fits a wide range of carriers from 3.5 to 45 tons
  • Direct drive and belt-driven models available
  • HARDOX body and components prevent flexing or distortion in severe applications
  • Single piece shaft and severe duty bearings for maximum reliability
  • Unique tooth design for optimal cutting in brush and trees
  • Extra heavy-duty drum for powerful performance
  • Interchangeable mounting brackets for any excavator application
forestry mulching heads
  1. Simplified service access for motor and hydraulic connections
  2. Interchangeable mounting brackets for flexibility of use on any excavator
  3. Centralized hydraulic connections and grease ports visible to the operator during use
  4. Simplified service access for bearings and shaft components; Single-piece shaft ensures maximum reliability
  5. HARDOX® support shoes protect wearing items for maximum reliability
  6. Extra heavy-duty drum ensures long working life in severe applications
  7. HARDOX® body and components ensure maximum torsional stiffness while providing long service life in severe applications
  8. Unique tooth and tooth holder design for maximum productivity and durability
  9. Multiple V-Belt drive transmission for maximum reliability, power, and ease of maintenance. Direct drive models also available